Adding Used Software

A new or reloaded PC can be lacking the programs you use every day. One may have programs


example license lable

or software from before to add to a new/repaired PC. This can be the most perplexing thing that clients ask “can my program be installed?”

For some programs the CD, DVD, Blue-Ray or even the floppy disk will be needed. Others will be down-loadable from the company that published them. To start the installation usually one only has to have the computer running and insert the disk. Just answer the questions that come up and follow the instructions. If the install gives a choice, then the install also will also have one choice picked for you. Unless you have a good reason not to go with the choice that is already pre-picked just continue with the choice on the screen.

The problem most people have installing a program and software purchased since 1995. Most of these programs, after 1995 have a license code. Virtually all software except, perhaps the programs you get for under $10, have these codes. These codes are used to enforce the licenses that one agrees to by installing the program. Further, since 2002, many programs have to access the publishing company over the Internet or phone for the activation to let the program work. (This is entirely separate from registering with the company.)

To find these license codes used for installing look for a sticker on the PC, on a card sent with the PC or in the packing with the disk. Codes for Windows, Office and other Microsoft products are 25 characters long broken up into five groups. Other vendors have different schemes.

The licenses on software usually only allow the program to be installed on one computer. When you buy the disk with the program on it you are really only buying the right to install it on one computer. (Since 2010 a FEW programs allow three installations.)

What happens for those who break this agreement with the software giants? A copyright law passed in 2000 and updated later allow the company to bring suit to people who abuse these agreements and fine them up to $100,000 for each infringement. Pirating, whether intentional or not

Don’t get fearful that if a program is accidentally installed too many times. The big software companies aren’t after the accidental installations. They often even allow organizations that have stepped over the line a free pass if error is corrected by paying for what was used.

 However, this is not the case for more obvious violators. There have been several computer repair and supply shops in Oklahoma City that have been shutdown for such violations. This is why a person repairing a system or supplying a computer is loath to install software without valid license keys and certification labels.

 So, don’t get mad at your poor PC tech who can’t install Windows, Office or any other program for which a license can not be provided. Unfortunately it is up to the purchaser to save these keys and labels no mater if they get their software preloaded with the PC or buy it later. AND don’t forget to save the email with the key if a program is bought on-line!

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