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You want affinity with your Customers

You need affinity with your computers to keep your business going so you can concentrate on the customer.

Our services can get you out of a bind when your computer, server or network fails.  We can also protect your systems to reduce down-time incidents and reduce the duration of down-time events with our proactive service plan designed just for you.

The Maintenance Service plan is our client’s favorite.  You get our professional licensed services each month at a discount from the per-call services.  The hours you get can be used any way you wish for on-site, in-lab or telephone support.  24-hour telephone support is only available to Maintenance Service subscribers.

Your hours are always put to good use.  At the end of your month if you have not used the hours in your plan a technician will be dispatched to your site, at your discretion, to maintain and tune-up, the equipment in your plan.  Also backups will be checked.  Not just that they are running but insuring that the data is being backed up and can be retrieved.  (Many backups are run that are unusable when they are needed because they have not been checked.)

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