While there are some great deals on computers from time to time at major retail outlets and on-line, when one-size-fits-all just won’t do it, you need professional guidance to help you select exactly the right machine for your purpose. We can help you avoid buying too much machine and wasting money, and can point out the features you need to get your job done right.


Notebook, or laptop computers are one of the most popular tools for computing today. They feature desktop level speed, features and storage in an easily portable package. We offer a wide range of features and prices. Let us help you select the right computer for you, with no pushy sales pitch.

Small Form Factor PCs

Small form factor PCs are designed to deliver all of the punch in a very small package. Using new technology, these computers take up a lot less space than the traditional tower systems, making them ideal for home theater systems and other control systems where space is a factor.


Most household systems will never have need of a server. Most companies may not have one, but many need them. A server works in conjunction with other computers acting as a central brain for a computer system, network, or website. It can feed information out to multiple systems at the same time. They are designed to host a large volume of data and can be configured to suit any computing needs you may have.


Backing up data and keeping sensitive information safe, but away from traditional security issues are two great examples of storage drive needs. Storage drives are designed to contain large volumes of dats for easy access. Since they do none of the heavy lifting of actually computing, they tend to be more stable and can be secured apart from the rest of the system. If you don’t currently have a back up of your hard drive, you need a storage device. Ask us about the right solution for you.


Desktop PCs have been around for about three decades now, long enough that there are entire generations who do not remember a world without them. They are the work horses in most small business and home systems. They provide adequate storage, ample computing power and multimedia devices, such as DVD drives for both playback and burning disks. Tell us about your needs, so we can tailor a system just for you.


Who better to meet the needs of gamers than someone with a lifelong passion for computers? In additon to our ready made and custom systems, @ffinity wants to be your one stop computer parts shop. We carry a variety of parts from memory expansion to everything you need to build from scratch or upgrade your current system. Don’t see what you need? Ask us and we will gladly order it. Our expert staff can help you select, not only the right product, but the best brands to keep you gaming!