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Contact_meThere are times that you want your name to stand out. For example, if you are a professional dealing with the public or a company presenting a strong image, you want YOUR NAME to stand out. One way to do this, of course, is to get your name on the Internet. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to do it.

Go Cheap!

A web site! That is what people first think of when they think of getting their name on the Internet. But that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars for a site that won’t scare people away from you. Let me introduce a cheaper way by way of example. Who would you rather do business with, in the example below? or

The builder on the left attempts to show what his business is but it gets lost. The builder on the right can quickly be recognized by name and company. He shows that he knows how to get his business operations set up well. As for me I would want someone who is a bit more organized. So, the latter builder already has a leg up on the former. Also just the way he lists his mailing address makes it easier to read, remember and write. (Capitalization doesn’t matter in email addresses, so change you case to make the letters in your email name work for you.)

Does the second builder know how to set up Internet mail servers and get a name on the Internet and how to use it? In most cases, no. But he knows how to present himself and as I would call a professional to do my building projects so he probably has a professional do his computer work.

Setting Up Your Own Email

Setting up email with your own name is inexpensive. The rental of a name and services needed to put that name on the Internet can be less than $30 per YEAR and services for hosting email itself is less than $5 per address per month; much cheaper than a web site.

Your Name for the Future

That same name you get for your email is then also available for a future web site. Although good site names are hard to come by, because most of the good ones have already been taken, you don’t want to loose a good one. Renting it now reserves it for you and you have first dibs to rent it again each year.

Your Opportunities

You can get a home town company to set this up for you and you won’t have to learn the technical stuff to set it up. They can also tell you about what is going on behind the scenes if you wish. There are also several on-line and phone/TV companies that can guide you through the process with videos, on-line chats, support phone and paid-for-service. The home town companies can often satisfy special requests like larger email sizes or the number of people to which you can send. Requests like this either cannot be fulfilled by the larger companies or will cause an email package cost to go up sharply.

Once it YOUR mail set up you can forget about it just like you forget about the password you use on your free mail sites. (Yes you do have a password. Do you remember it?) Your hometown technicians can help you quicker than any of the big companies, especially the free ones.

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