Replacing XP

xpWith Windows XP losing it’s manufactures support on April 8th this year your computers with it will be at risk Microsoft may no longer activate it if you have to reload your Windows XP on your PC. E.G. if your hard drive goes bad, as many do, then the har drive has to be loaded with Windows, XP or something else.

What to do to stay working?
1. If you unplug your network cable from your older computer it will stop the most prevalent means of infecting it. Naturally you won’t be able to surf, get email, check facebook etc.
2. You can upgrade your computer to a newer version of Windows. A common way to check if your computer can be upgraded is to run the program found at
3. You can also get a new computer and migrate your information to the new computer. Migration is quick, easy and inexpensive if your computer has not become infected.

If you decide to buy a new computer and you have a business or run programs that will only run on XP choose a computer that has Windows 7 professional on it. Windows 8 and 8.1 can’t run the older specialized programs. Also, Windows 8 and newer people find difficult to get familiar with and to maintain.

There are problems that have to be considered when running these older programs even in Windows 7 so consult with you computer professional.

Some people may also be thinking of getting an Apple Mac or Linux computer. Remember those can not support Windows programs directly. Even when running Windows on those computers they have the same problem as running the old programs on a newer Windows. Also a prominent urban ledgion is that Mac’s don’t get viruses. Well both Mac and Linux got viruses before Windows and the “crime kit” that is used to generate so many viruses for windows is now being used on Mac’s. This may be why our shop is getting calls from people wanting to switch back to Windows or are even removing Mac from their Apple computers entirely and running Windows on it.

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