Slow Computer Tune-Up

From time to time, even new machines will bog down. When you notice that your computer seems to be hesitating or even stalling while operating on simple tasks, there are some easy things you can check to make sure it is not a serious problem, before spending money on cleanups or repair.

First, take a look at your open programs. It is easy to forget and leave unused programs open and running in the background. Check the task bar along the bottom of your screen to see programs that may be open, but minimized. Close any programs that are open but not currently in use. This may be enough to get the job done.

If it is still running slow, check to see which programs are set to launch at startup. Here is an excellent article that shows how to disable unneeded programs on startup for extra speed and power:

If these two steps still do not return your computer to normal operation, it may be time to run Check Disk. If there are a few errors it’s time to consider replacing the hard disk while you can do it without loss of data. Finally run C-Cleaner, using the registry tool. Only run the registry tool component of C-tool as a last resort. All registry tool have the potential of destroying a running system.

Here is blog we have recently posted on Check Disk and C-tool.

There are many other issues that can effect speed, and some will require professional assistance. If your system does not respond to these trouble shooting steps, contact us for advice, or to schedule a time to have your computer checked by one of our licensed  technicians.

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