Software & Website Design

designer drawing website development wireframeComputers can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have an app or program to do what you want.  And if it something that you do all the time or earns your company money it can be a real burden.

Affinity programming services can help.  We can write programs to automate your processes or to integrate into existing applications.  We can provide mean to add data to your database, process it makeing it more usable or extract the data that you need the way you need it.  The database work can be done as part of an application or on an as needed basis.

Web based programs are common for us to work on along with normal screen based and command line programs.

Along with the programming web sites can be designed or adapted to take advantage of the programs where ever the web is available or locked down to just your location.

Shopping websites can be set up or altered.  Web sites can be made secure for shopping as well as for protecting proprietary & private information.

We are familiar with PHP, Perl, and other programming languages, the MYSQL database, apache and nginx web servers, fast CGI, REST, HTTP(S), FTP, TLS, SSL etc. protocols.

Call us to see what we can program for you.