Cellular Service

New:  Phones From Affinity

Increasingly PC users are switching from PCs and laptops to tablets (iPads) and phones (iPhones).  These are computers themselves.  Most on-site calls we do now include adding one or more of these devices to the office or home network.

When phone and tablets are integrated properly into their computing environment the data access can be 25 times faster.  Also, there can be no data usage when used in the environments where it has been set up.  This can prevent one from going over a data cap or being slowed by a data threshold.

Affinity is offering three phones, all smart phones.  There is one phone plan.  $49/mo for unlimited voice, text and data.  It is throttled after 2GB of data each month when run outside of a WiFi network.  (In a WiFi network the data is not throttled or limited.)

For those on the go with a laptop you can even use your computer’s WiFi to connect to your phone to get on the Internet even when where you are visiting doesn’t have a WiFi connection. This is limited to one computer connecting to the phone.

Plus, you can save or even earn money with the social network aspect of this project.