What’s That Password?

lock_with_root_passwordMost people use the same password for many sites or have them written down some place. Both practices are frowned on by security professionals. To solve this, there are many programs and sites that offer key chain programs to safely save your passwords (keys) for you.

Save Keys On-line or in the PC (on-device)

The on-line versions let you get your passwords anyplace there is Internet access and can be on any web enabled device. The on-device versions are not kept with a third party nor sent over the Internet. However, changes to the passwords have to be synchronized on the various devices that you use.

Though, on the face of it, on-line password keepers seem to have the upper edge. Their security model reduces their effectiveness to that of having all the passwords being the same in the case of the password site being hacked.

So, I prefer the on-device key keeping software. There are difficulties with this too which make this system just better than writing down the passwords on paper. The improvement is that they are saved in a cryptic form and can’t just be read by anyone in passing (unless you leave it running on your computer screen).

Why Go Through the Trouble?

Once you start using a password saving program it can save you a lot of time. I personally have 177 passworded sites I visit. By using my password program I can be sure I am going to the correct site and not a look-alike site that a scamer has put up hoping for a typo to get people to his scam.

Then, when I’m on the site I often have trouble with what login I used; some use an email address but still call it a login. Then I would only use a few passwords one for sites dealing with money another for information sites, etc.

Even with this limiting I would get confused and often have to spend the time to go through the password recovery process.

The password saving program prevents this time consuming guessing game and resetting of the passwords. It is especially useful when a site requires me to change my password every 90 days and it can’t be the same as any of the last 10 passwords.

Which To Use?

The password program I use is KEEPASSX. It encrypts your data in two ways and I can use it on many devices. I use it on Windows, Mac, Linux, and my Android smart phone. If you would like to set this program up on your devices, please give Affinity Computer Masters at 350-6984. More information is available in the next blog.